5 Best Clockwise Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

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Are you looking for better Clockwise alternatives? This article dives into the best competitors and alternatives to Clockwise, highlighting their unique features, pricing, and how they stack up against each other. 

Whether you're seeking more flexibility, advanced features, or better support, we have got you covered with top picks to enhance your scheduling experience.

Why Switch to Other Clockwise Alternatives?

Clockwise is a time management and scheduling tool designed to boost your productivity and help you find a better work-life balance by optimizing your calendar. 

Like any tool, it has its pros and cons. Below, we will take a look at why you might want to consider other options similar to Clockwise.

Pre-set timezone for calendar optimization

One downside of Clockwise is that it sets your organization's calendar optimization to occur daily at 4 PM based on the time zone of the first user who signs up. If the majority of your team later turns out to be in a different time zone, this could lead to scheduling conflicts or inefficiencies. Adjusting this setting requires you to contact support, which may not be as seamless as you would like.

Tools like OneCal automatically detect your time zone when you sign up. Any events scheduled by invitees are automatically aligned with your calendar settings, showing the correct time zone for each team member's location. This feature helps prevent confusion and ensures that everyone is on the same page, no matter where they are.

Lack of Multiway Calendar Syncs

Another drawback of using Clockwise is that it doesn't support multiway calendar syncs. For instance, if you want to sync work and personal calendars by showing  “Busy” for overlapping events, you are out of luck with Clockwise.

On the other hand, tools like OneCal make this pretty straightforward. You simply select the calendars you want to sync, and OneCal takes care of the rest, ensuring that all your schedules are aligned without any extra hassle on your part. 

Limited Integrations

Clockwise has limited integration capabilities. Currently, it only syncs up with Slack, Zoom, and Asana. If you rely on a broader range of productivity tools and platforms for your daily workflows, it might be not the best for you.

You might find yourself needing to look at other AI calendar tools that offer wider integration options to really streamline your scheduling and communication across all the apps you use.

Best Clockwise Alternatives: Main Features, Drawbacks, Pricing and More

Explore the best Clockwise alternatives to find a scheduling tool that fits your needs. We will cover their main features, drawbacks, pricing, and more to help you make an informed decision.

1. OneCal

Sync your calendars with OneCal

Reviews: 4.9/5 on G2
Standout feature: Streamlining your schedule across all calendars, ensuring your team members are up to date with your availability.

Does OneCal offer a free trial? Yes, a free 14-day trial. The Starter plan is priced at $5/month and allows you to use most features. See full pricing here, and choose the plan that works for you.

Why do Small and Big Teams Use OneCal?

OneCal syncs with multiple Outlook and Google Calendars in real-time, offers easy-to-use booking links, and allows viewing of both calendar types in a single interface. It's all cloud-based, meaning there’s nothing to install, and setup is easy.

OneCal is used by founders, consultants, and large enterprises thanks to its simple interface and time-saving features. 

With plans starting at just $5/month for individuals and options scaling up to meet the needs of larger teams and enterprises, there’s a plan for everyone. Let's dive into why OneCal is so popular and explore some of its key features.

All-in-one Calendar View. The platform brings all your calendars together in one spot. This feature makes it easy to see all your meetings at once and join them with a click.

OneCal Calendar View Illustration

Multi-way syncs. With OneCal, you can simply select multiple calendars and sync them in one go without having to create separate one-way calendar syncs. If you have five calendars with OneCal, you can sync them in one sync configuration.

OneCal Calendar Sync Illustration

Real-time calendar sync. Unlike Clockwise, OneCal keeps your Google and Outlook Calendars updated in real-time. This means your calendars will always show the same meetings, avoiding any mix-ups or double bookings.

Custom questions on your booking links. OneCal lets you add special questions to your booking links. This way, you can gather important details from people before they book a meeting with you. You can gather details like short text, long text, phone number, dropdown, checklist, and more.

OneCal Booking Link Questions

Link preview on social media. When sharing a booking page or link that has branding configured, the branding images will also be featured in the preview image on social media platforms.

OneCal Personalized Previews

Calendar time blocking. OneCal automatically blocks off time in your calendars, helping you manage your schedule better. You can choose to show or hide the details of these meetings for privacy.

Easier team management. The platform allows you to invite, organize, and pay for your team. They can use Calendar Sync and Collective Booking links and work together easily with collaborative features.

OneCal Team Management

OneCal Drawbacks

Integrations. Currently, OneCal only supports Outlook and Google Calendar. However, our development team is actively working on new features, including Zoom integration for booking links and iCloud support. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on these developments and make the most of OneCal.

Why Consider OneCal to Clockwise?

While Clockwise does offer a free plan, there might be better options for some due to its limited scheduling features. For instance, Clockwise lacks the multi-way sync capabilities that OneCal offers, making it challenging to manage multiple calendars effectively. This feature alone can streamline your scheduling processes by syncing all your calendars to show real-time availability, something particularly useful for teams.

Many users find that one of Clockwise’s major drawbacks is its handling of real-time updates across different time zones. If you’re traveling or working across time zones, this can lead to scheduling confusion and calendar conflicts. OneCal adapts smoothly to changes in time zones, ensuring your calendar is always accurate, no matter where you are.

Given these issues, OneCal is a more flexible and easy-to-use choice, especially for those who need strong calendar management and quick support. Whether your team is big or small, OneCal's adaptable plans and features can really improve how you organize your schedule. Give OneCal a try today!

2. Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI scheduling assistant

Reviews: 4.8/5 on G2
Standout feature: Optimizes your and your team's schedule using AI.

Does Reclaim AI offer a free trial? Yes, 14-day free trial. Reclaim AI offers a free plan. Paid plan starts at $10/user/month.

Reclaim AI Scheduling Features

Automatic 1:1 meeting adjustments. Reclaim AI lets you identify optimal times for one-on-one meetings and automatically reschedule them if conflicts arise, ensuring you always have time for important conversations.

Priority meeting booking links. You can streamline the process of scheduling meetings by offering priority time slots, making it easier to coordinate schedules with others.

Scheduled breaks. The calendar app integrates scheduled breaks between tasks and meetings, helping to boost productivity by ensuring you have time to recharge.

Smart planning. You can establish and maintain routines by automatically adding recurring activities to your calendar and optimizing your daily schedule without manual input.

Performance insights. This feature provides you with a weekly summary to analyze how you spend your time, allowing you to plan and prioritize upcoming tasks more effectively.

Reclaim AI Drawbacks

You can only sync with Google Calendar. Unfortunately, if you want to sync Outlook calendars, you can not sync them with Reclaim AI. You might have a look at other tools in the list.

Reclaim doesn't support multi-way calendar syncs. If you want to sync multiple calendars, you will have to create multiple one-way sync configurations.

Reclaim's calendar sync options are limited. Reclaim AI allows you to sync only all event details or none, limiting your options.

Why Switch to Reclaim AI?

Reclaim AI and Clockwise are both AI scheduling assistants, but Reclaim AI often stands out for several reasons. Unlike Clockwise, Reclaim AI doesn’t integrate with Outlook, yet it offers a richer feature set. Its free plan is more advanced, including unlimited time tracking, which allows for detailed analysis and optimization of your time.

Reclaim AI boosts your productivity with smart planning that sets up recurring activities automatically, and it gives you weekly updates on your performance to help you focus on important tasks.

Additionally, Reclaim AI has live chat support, so you can get help quickly, unlike Clockwise, which relies on slower email support. With its better features and faster help, Reclaim AI is a strong option for managing your schedule more effectively.

If you want to read more about Reclaim AI's features, pros, and cons, we have an article about Reclaim AI alternatives.

3. Motion

Motion scheduling assistant

Reviews: 4.2/5 on G2.
Standout feature: AI-powered task scheduling and prioritization.

Does Motion offer a free trial? Yes, 7-day free trial. The plan starts at $34/month.

What are the Main Features?

Project planning automation. This feature allows you to automate most project planning tasks, ensuring your team stays on track with deadlines. It generates personalized schedules for each team member based on priorities.

Task management. The calendar app lets you create and organize tasks within seconds, set up recurring tasks, and define custom time intervals. Additionally, you can maintain detailed notes for each task.

Optimize your time using AI. Just like Clockwise, Motion uses AI to schedule your meetings and place them according to your tasks and meetings so you don’t face meeting conflicts.

Motion Limitations

Expensive if you don’t use all Motion’s features. Motion may be expensive if you're not using all its features. For users looking for basic calendaring, Motion is quite expensive compared to less costly alternatives that offer similar features.

Why Switch to Motion?

Motion and Clockwise are both AI scheduling tools, but Motion has more advanced features. It helps organize your day by letting you prioritize tasks, add new ones with a single click, and adjust your schedule automatically when things change. This makes it a great option for anyone who wants to manage their time better.

Although Motion might be more expensive, it offers more features than Clockwise. This makes Motion especially useful for people with busy schedules who need a powerful tool to keep up with their needs.

If you want to know more details about motion and how it compares to 5 other tools, have a look at Motion Alternatives.

4. Skedpal

Skedpal calendar scheduling tool

Reviews: 4.6/5 on Capterra.
Standout feature:
Intelligent time blocking with a board view.

Does Reclaim AI offer a free trial? 14-day free trial. Skedpal has only one plan, which starts at $14,95/month. 

Main Scheduling Features

Calendar sync. SkedPal integrates with your existing Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCloud, streamlining your scheduling experience by merging all your calendars into one comprehensive view.

Smart scheduling. This feature enables SkedPal to automatically rearrange your time blocks when changes occur, ensuring that you can still accomplish your priorities and tasks as planned.

Integrations. SkedPal supports a wide range of integrations with productivity tools such as Asana, Zapier, Email, Microsoft Outlook 365, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Teams, enhancing your ability to connect and synchronize across platforms.

Time budgeting for tasks. SkedPal allocates time budgets into slots, which helps you plan and review your commitments more realistically and effectively.

Automated task scheduling. SkedPal lets you schedule tasks with just one click, directly placing them into your calendar for better time management.

Time maps. You can define your preferred times for scheduling various categories of tasks, enabling you to set specific work hours and allocate time for personal tasks, optimizing your daily schedule.

Kanban board. SkedPal offers a Kanban board view that provides a visual representation of your task management priorities. This view helps you easily visualize and manage your workflow more efficiently.

Skedpal Limitations

Lack of automated reminders and notifications. SkedPal does not offer built-in automated reminders and notifications. However, it integrates well with external calendars, Asana, Zapier, and more.

No client management features. SkedPal does not include client management or communication tools. The app is primarily designed for task and schedule management, not for direct client interaction.

Why Consider Skedpal to Clockwise

SkedPal is a great choice for anyone looking to get more organized and manage their time better than what Clockwise offers. It works well with many tools you might already use, like Asana, Zapier, and Microsoft Teams, which helps keep all your schedules in sync.

It also lets you quickly add tasks to your calendar with just one click, saving you time and hassle. Plus, with features like Time Maps, you can set specific times for different tasks, making your day run smoother. SkedPal even has a Kanban board, which shows your tasks in a clear, visual way so you can stay on top of what needs to be done first. 

All these features make SkedPal a simpler and more effective option for managing your schedule than Clockwise.

5. TimeHero

TimeHero scheduling tool

Reviews: 4.7/5 on Capterra.
Standout feature:
Efficient topic-based task management and the ability to attach notes or files to tasks.

Does TimeHero offer a free trial? 7-day free trial. The plan starts at $5/user/month.

What are the Main Features of TimeHero? 

Task management. TimeHero allows you to organize tasks by grouping them into projects, enabling you to manage tasks more efficiently based on their topics. You can also attach notes or files to tasks to keep all related information together.

Team collaboration. The platform makes it easy to bring your friends or co-workers into the platform, where everyone can view their tasks and deadlines. This feature enhances clarity and coordination within teams.

Smart recurring tasks. With TimeHero, you can set up recurring tasks for daily routines, ensuring that you never miss out on regular responsibilities. This feature helps maintain consistency in your schedule.

Templates. TimeHero offers customizable templates that simplify the process of setting up new projects. These templates include all the necessary steps and details you need, speeding up project initiation and planning.

Insights. TimeHero provides detailed reports that show how your team is performing and highlight any projects that may require additional focus. This feature allows for better oversight and management of team productivity.

TimeHero Cons

Short trial period. TimeHero offers only a 7-day free trial, which may not be sufficient for potential users to fully explore and evaluate all its features. This shorter trial period can limit the ability to thoroughly test the tool before making a commitment.

Lack of reset option for rescheduling. TimeHero does not provide a reset option for rescheduling tasks. This means if plans change or if you need to adjust your schedule, you might find it difficult to manually reorganize your tasks, potentially impacting productivity and planning efficiency.

Why Consider TimeHero to Clockwise

TimeHero is a great tool for managing tasks and time, helping individuals and teams boost their productivity. Its AI technology makes it easy to sort and prioritize tasks so that you can keep track of your schedule and deadlines without hassle.

TimeHero has some great features that Clockwise doesn't offer, like quick-start project templates and detailed reports on how your team is doing and where you might need to focus more. These features help you manage your work more smoothly and ensure important tasks aren’t missed.

TimeHero also lets teams work together better. It brings all the tasks and deadlines into one clear view, which makes it easier and more flexible to manage teamwork than Clockwise. This can really help in keeping everyone on the same page.

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