OneCal as a CalendarBridge alternative

OneCal's advanced calendar synchronization software, intuitive UI, simple team invites, more affordable and intuitive pricing make it the #1 CalendarBridge alternative.

We will assist you with onboarding and migration if needed.

CalendarBridge Alternative

How is OneCal a
better CalendarBridge alternative?

Advanced Synchronization Configuration

With OneCal, you can choose which events are cloned to your other calendars, along with each property of the events, making it the most advanced calendar synchronization software.

With CalendarBridge, you can select what you want to synchronize, but you can't exclude certain events from being synchronized.

Sync Target user interface

Privacy Focused

Configure exactly what you want to sync

You don't have to worry about other team members seeing your private event details. OneCal provides all the necessary tools to easily configure exactly what you want to sync over. No more, no less.

Sync Event titles
Include original event titles to clones or choose to completely hide them and show a custom message.
Sync Event description
Include description from the original events.
Sync Event participants
Include participants from the original events. Participants will be included in the event's description to prevent them from getting an invitation for the cloned event.
Sync Event location
Include physical location from original events.
Sync Event conference data
Include conference meeting links from the original events.
Mark cloned events as private
Cloned events will be marked as private to other people in your org.
Disable reminders for clones
Disable reminder notifications for clone events, so you don't get multiple notifications for the same event across multiple calendars.
Tag your clones
Will be appended to clone event titles to help you distinguish them from original events. If you choose to hide the event names, This will appear as the title of your cloned events.
Asign colors to cloned events
Choose to give cloned events a custom color so you can easily distinguish them from real events in your calendar.
Exclude events from syncing by your response (RSVP): Going, Maybe, Unanswered, No
Only events containing one of the selected responses will be synchronized.
Exclude events from syncing by their color
Events colored with the selected color won't be synchronised.
Outlook Calendar
Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar Support

Both CalendarBridge and OneCal support Microsoft Outlook. With OneCal, you can sync multiple Outlook Calendars with each other, or multiple Google and Outlook calendars at the same time..

Google and Outlook calendar sync

One-way or Multi-way sync

With OneCal, you can synchronize one calendar to one or more calendars, or multiple calendars at the same time.

With CalendarBridge, you can only synchronize two calendars at the same time.

Sync Target user interface

Team Plans

OneCal offers a simple and straightforward way to invite and pay for your organization or team. No need to get on a call with the sales team, or setup a new dashboard.

With CalendarBridge, you have to get in touch in order to get customizable plans for 5 or more users.

OneCal Team Plans user interface

Clean, Intuitive UI

OneCal is invested in providing the cleanest user interface and the easiest user experience possible. There is no need for guides or documentation to sync your calendars.

While the UI and UX of CalendarBridge are decent, it gets clunky and confusing at times.

Configure sync user interface

Affordable and Intuitive Pricing

OneCal does not charge based on how many syncs you create but based on how many calendars you connect. You don't have to calculate the number of syncs you need to create in order to sync your calendars, that's our job!

CalendarBridge charges you based on how many synchronizations you want to create, which is less intuitive and confusing.

OneCal Pricing user interface

Exclude events from syncing

OneCal gives you the flexibility to exclude specific events from synchronization based on color. For instance, if you don't want a private event to appear on your work calendar, simply mark it with a designated color. In addition to color, you can also exclude events based on RSVP status (Going, Maybe, Unanswered, No).

With CalendarBridge, you can't exclude events from being synchronized based on color or any other option.

Switch to OneCal in minutes

Provide yourself and your team with the simplest and most configurable Calendar Synchronisation tool in the market.

We will assist you with onboarding and migration if needed.