Meeting Cost Calculator

Make better meeting plans with OneCal's Free Meeting Cost Calculator. See how much your meetings cost and find ways to save time and money with ease.


$27,000 / year

A team of 4 people meeting 3 times a week for an 60 minutes each session totals 12 hours of staff time weekly. This equates to 624 hours over the course of a year.

Using OneCal to sync all your calendars and schedule booking links with your team, clients, or stakeholders can save you up to $2,475 per year.

We've synced over 2 Million meetings, saving over 33,000 Hours across all our clients. This adds up to $1.5M in savings, calculated on an average salary of $90,000.

Save thousands in meeting costs using OneCal!

OneCal is a calendar automation platform built to save time. Our Calendar Sync and Booking Link solution help thousands of professionals save time and stay productive.