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Discover how Calendar Sync, Booking Links, Calendar View, and Team Plans empower managers to lead with precision and streamline team scheduling.

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How does OneCal help Managers?

No Meeting Conflicts, No Scheduling Confusion

Your job as a manager should be managing, not figuring out how to streamline your availability across clients, platforms, or different providers you might work on. OneCal helps you sync all your calendars, in less than one minute.

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Sync multiple calendars, in 1 minute

We know that as a manager, time is very important. That's why we've made sure you can sync all your calendars in a single go, no matter if you want to sync 3 or 8 calendars, in less than one minute.

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No calendar juggle, all meetings into one view

Coordinating multiple projects can get challenging, switching between Outlook or Google Calendar is a pain. With OneCal, you can view all your calendars in one view.

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OneCal Calendar View

Invite your team to OneCal

OneCal&aposs team plans allow you to pay for your team members to use OneCal. This can save you time on training and onboarding new team members, as they'll already be familiar with the platform.

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OneCal team plans

Not sure about your use case?

Do you have a special use case that requires calendar sync? Do not hesitate to reach out. We're always happy to discuss if OneCal is right for you.

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Seemlesly Manage Multiple Calendars

OneCal is the go-to tool to manage multiple calendars. We've got you covered from Outlook and Google Calendar synchronization to scheduling links!

Real-Time Updates

Your calendars are automatically updated in real-time as the original events change or new events are added.

Multi-Way Syncs

Choose from one-way or multi-way syncs between 2 or more calendars. Set up once and forget.

Team Plans

We offer team plans for your whole organisation to start using OneCal and sync their calendars.

Scheduling Links

You can easily create and share individual or collective scheduling links in minutes.

Fully Configurable

OneCal provides all the necessary tools to easily configure exactly what you want to sync over. No more, no less.

Privacy Focused

We only store the data we absolutely need to perform the sync. No data about your events is stored in our systems.

Frequently asked questions

Ready to sync your Calendars?

Reflecting your availability across multiple calendars is tedious and time-consuming. OneCal was created with a mission to give peace of mind to calendar users.