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How to sync Outlook and Google Calendars, in less than 1 minute


Imagine this: you’re a freelancer working with multiple clients, each of which requires you to use Outlook and Google Calendars. You get invited to a bunch of meetings and before you know it, you have a meeting conflict. How did this happen?

A team member invited you to a meeting on your work Google Calendar, but you have a meeting on your other Outlook calendar.

The first thought that comes to your mind is: How can I sync my calendars? It should be easy, right?

The problem

Most of the articles regarding syncing Outlook with Google Calendars recommend sharing them with each other, which is a 13 steps process, just for syncing one Outlook calendar with another Google Calendar.

This is the current process of syncing an Outlook Calendar with another Google Calendar:


Now, if you want to sync the Google Calendar with the Outlook calendar, you'll have to follow the same process again.

Imagine having to sync 3 Calendars... you get the idea.

If you still want to sync your Outlook and Google Calendars this way, there are a couple of more problems:

  1. If your team uses “Find a Time” feature of Google Calendar to schedule meetings, they won’t be able to see events outside of your Primary calendar. This often leads to meeting conflicts across calendars.

  2. You will have very little control over the privacy of imported calendars. Workspace administrators may be able to see events and details for those events from imported calendars. This is a deal-breaker for a lot of people.

The solution

OneCal. It takes less than 1 minute to synchronize as many Outlook and Google Calendars as you like, configure the way the events are cloned, and adjusting your privacy, and much more.

The demo below shows how you can synchronize Google and Outlook Calendars, in less than one minute, using OneCal.

The steps are:

1. Connect your Google and Outlook Calendars
2. Choose which calendars to sync

Select which calendars you want to keep in sync. We support one-way and two-way syncs between multiple calendars.

3. Configure how events are copied

We want you to have control over which events and information we sync over so we offer a wide variety of settings for you to configure.

4. You are done!

Events from your source calendar will appear in your selected target calendar(s) and OneCal will automatically keep them up to date.


📆 Now check your Calendars!

The events of the Outlook Calendar are cloned and colored Grape on your Google Calendar:


The events of the Google Calendar are cloned and colored Grape on your Outlook Calendar:


OneCal syncs your calendars in real-time, helps avoid meeting conflicts, saves time, and keeps your personal life private.