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How to link Outlook Calendar to Notion

If you’ve wondered if you can link Outlook Calendar to Notion, the answer is Yes. In this article, we’ll explain the methods that let you link Outlook Calendar to Notion, their downfalls, and alternatives.

How to Merge Google Calendars

Tired of managing Google Calendars and looking on methods to merge multiple Google Calendars? In this blog post we'll thorougly explain the best ways to merge Google Calendars.

How To Merge Outlook Calendars

Are you managing multiple Outlook Calendars and have decided to merge them? We got you, in this article, we'll explain the best ways to merge Outlook Calendars (that actually work 😉).

How to add Zoom to Google Calendar

The Zoom for Google Workspace add-on allows users to conveniently schedule, join, and manage meetings within Gmail or Google Calendar. Installing the Zoom add-on on your Google Calendar is simple...

How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars

Google Calendar is one of the most used calendars by individuals and companies, and yet syncing multiple calendars in real-time, reliably is complicated. If you are a Google Calendar power user and want to learn how to sync multiple Google Calendars, this article will make your life easier...

Our Product Hunt Launch 😻🚀

We launched on Product Hunt, on December 22, 2022, and the love we received from the community was incredible. We reached 520 upvotes, 267 comments, and 840 followers, marking #3 Product of the Day.