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Sync multiple Google Calendars in less than one minute

With OneCal, you can sync multiple Google Calendars with each other, or multiple Google and Outlook calendars at the same time.

Outlook Calendar
Outlook Calendar

Sync multiple Google Calendars

Sync a Google calendar with one or more Google calendars, or sync multiple Google Calendars at the same time.

Outlook Calendar
Outlook Calendar

Sync Google Calendar to Outlook

Sync a Google calendar with one or more Google or Outlook calendars.

Outlook Calendar
Google Calendar

Sync Outlook to Google Calendar

Sync a Outlook calendar with one or more Google or Outlook calendars.

Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar

Sync multiple Google and Outlook Calendars

Sync multiple Google or Outlook Calendars at the same time.

Why choose OneCal to sync Google calendars?

Instant sync updates

Once your Google Calendars are linked, you can create multiple syncs. OneCal effortlessly maintains real-time synchronization of your Google Calendars, requiring only a one-time setup.

Privacy centric syncs

OneCal provides a Google Calendar synchronization setup that places a strong emphasis on safeguarding your privacy. You have the freedom to tailor how events are duplicated across all your calendars. Not interested in transferring event titles? No problem—you can display as little or as much information as you prefer.

You can choose to sync:

Event titles
Event description
Event participants
Event location
Event conference data

Easily sync multiple Google calendars in real-time

OneCal streamlines the task of syncing multiple Google Calendars by allowing you to sync them simultaneously. Instead of setting up multiple one-to-one synchronizations, you can choose the Google Calendars you wish to keep in sync, and OneCal effortlessly manages the rest.


To ensure your scheduling remains adaptable, we've incorporated features that enable you to sync meetings according to your responses. Prefer not to synchronize meetings you haven't responded to yet? No problem!

You can:

Mark cloned events as private
Assign custom colors to cloned events
Disable reminder notifications for clone events
Sync events marked as Free

Opt to exclude events from synchronization

OneCal provides you with the choice to exclude specific events from synchronization, based on their colors. If you don't want your Job Interview to be duplicated in your Google calendar, simply mark it with a designated color to exclude it.

Exclude events from syncing by:

Response (RSVP): Going, Maybe, Unanswered, No

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Reflecting your availability across multiple calendars is tedious and time-consuming. OneCal was created with a mission to give peace of mind to calendar users.