6 Best Acuity Scheduling Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

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Effective time management is a key factor for consultants and teams of all sizes. Calendar software like Acuity Scheduling helps you plan well so you don't miss meetings or end up with a messy schedule starting at $20 a month.

Yet, Acuity isn't the only option on the market. With alternatives available at a more budget-friendly price, there are other scheduling tools worth considering. 

We've compiled a list of the top alternatives to Acuity Scheduling to help you find the right fit for your scheduling needs.

Acuity Scheduling is Efficient - but with Limited Features

Acuity Scheduling is a powerful tool for setting up meetings that are useful for businesses in different ways, such as: managing appointments better, satisfying clients more, and using time more efficiently. 

Acuity Scheduling also has other features, such as:

Advanced analytics. Acuity Scheduling gives you access to advanced analytics that help you make better decisions and run your business more smoothly.

Payment integration. It allows you to process payments at the time of booking, integrating with platforms like PayPal and Stripe.

Manage multiple locations. If your business has multiple locations, Acuity Scheduling helps you keep everything organized, no matter where you're working from.

Customize your schedule. With Acuity Scheduling, you can adjust your scheduling to fit your specific needs.

Why Look for Acuity Scheduling Alternatives?

Sometimes, just because a tool is popular doesn't mean it's right for you. Every business is unique and has different needs, making the choice of choosing a scheduling platform harder than it seems. For instance, you need to find an option that fits your budget, makes it easy to schedule group meetings and has great customer support.

Let’s have a look at three main reasons why you should look for Acuity Scheduling alternatives.

No Free Plan

Unlike other tools in the list, Acuity Scheduling does not offer a free plan. However, you can test the tool with its 7-day free trial, unlike other tools in the list that offer more extensive plans to test the tool. OneCal offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. 

Not Affordable for Teams of All Sizes

Acuity Scheduling doesn't offer many plans and has a starting price of $20 per month, which can be too pricey for freelancers or small teams. 

However, you can find other calendar tools with similar features for free or for just $5/month with OneCal.

Insufficient Support

Another downside is the extended wait times users face with customer support, where ticket resolutions often take several days.

Similar Apps to Acuity Scheduling offer better support, solve problems in a timely manner, and result in smoother scheduling operations.

6 Best Acuity Scheduling Alternatives



With a top rating of 4.9 out of 5 on G2, OneCal is a great fit for any size of business. Whether you're working alone, with a small team, or in a big company, you can sync your calendars, share booking links, see all your schedules in one spot, and do lots more with it.

OneCal ensures there are no conflicts in your schedule by syncing bookings directly with Google and Microsoft Outlook, all at an affordable starting price of just $5/user/month.

What is OneCal Typically Used For?

Depending on the plan you choose, OneCal offers plenty of features, such as synchronizing calendars in real-time, having the ability to get booked through sharing scheduling links, dedicated support, and more.

Here is a list of the main features that make users love our tool.

OneCal Scheduling Link

With OneCal, you can create booking links based on your availability. You can send these links to others so they can easily book a meeting with you, whether it's just the two of you or if you're leading the meeting.

OneCal also lets you set up scheduling links for your whole team. You can invite your teammates and share links with them. Then, others can book meetings with your entire team, which is helpful for sales calls or demos where everyone needs to be there.


The Scheduling links feature offered by OneCal is fully fledged, supporting cases like: 

Branding. You can brand your booking links by providing a color and a cover image. Branding can be applied globally or for each scheduling link.

OneCal Branded Scheduling Link

Custom forms. You can choose to ask custom questions to your bookers for each booking link, including multiple answers, long text, numbers, etc.

Booking limits. Your time is the most important asset, and a good booking platform should provide all options to protect it. OneCal allows you to set booking limits, buffers and the ability to only allow bookers to book you during a specific time frame.

Calendar Sync 

OneCal Calendar Sync Feature

As mentioned above, you can connect your Google and Outlook calendars with OneCal. Once they're linked up, you won't have to stress about updating them manually, as OneCal handles it all for you automatically.

You are in total control of what info gets shared between your calendars. For example, you can choose not to sync meetings you haven't responded to yet, which keeps your schedule flexible.

Plus, OneCal offers customizable calendar sync features, allowing you to personalize your syncs according to your preferences. You can mark events as private, select colors, or disable reminders. 

Calendar View

OneCal Calendar View Feature

Calendar View in OneCal lets you see all your Outlook and Google Calendars in one place. That means you don't have to switch between Google Calendar and Outlook to check your schedule. All your meetings can be seen from one calendar.

Calendar View also allows you to hide any duplicate events from your calendar syncs and join meetings with just one click, so you'll never miss an appointment.

Who Uses OneCal?

OneCal is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, from freelancers and consultants to managers and big teams. There’s a plan suitable to anyone. See OneCal’s full pricing here.

That’s why thousands of professionals trust OneCal. Freelancers, CEOs, consultants, small and big teams use OneCal daily for their personal and work schedules.

OneCal Testimonial Page

Acuity Scheduling vs. OneCal Takeaway

Acuity Scheduling is more suited for mid-size teams who can afford the pricing plans, while OneCal has a plan suitable for everyone with four plans. 

For instance, the starter plan, priced at $5/user/month (or $4/user/month if purchased annually), is a great fit for freelancers handling a handful of clients and provides unlimited individual and collective booking links.

Next, the essential plan, priced at $10/user/month, is suitable for consultants or managers seeking additional features but still affordable.

Moreover, OneCal's Premium plan, priced at $30/user/month (or $25/user/month if purchased annually) is aimed at calendar power users who juggle more than 5 calendars on a daily basis and want advanced functionalities such as the removal of OneCal branding and user onboarding assistance. 

OneCal also offers a custom plan option, allowing users to tailor their experience to their specific needs.

Considering OneCal's affordability, comprehensive features, and customizable options, it presents itself as a compelling choice for users seeking an efficient and cost-effective scheduling solution.

2. Doodle


Doodle helps you plan meetings easily. You pick the times that work for you and send them in an email. Others can choose when they're available, all without a bunch of extra messages.

What is Doodle Typically Used For?

Easy Invitations and Reminders

With Doodle, you can invite people to meetings without any hassle. After sending invites, Doodle can also remind them about the meeting so everyone stays on track.

Doodle Polls

Doodle allows you to create polls, asking people to pick the times that suit them best. You give them a few options, and they vote for the time that works best for them. This helps you quickly find a time that works for most people for meetings or events.

If polling is an important feature for you, you can also compare Doodle with Calendly and find out how these two platforms stack up together. 


Doodle works together with common calendar apps and other tools like Google Calendar, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zapier, making it easy to plan your schedule without any extra hassle.

Doodle Integrations

Who Uses Doodle?

Doodle's calendar app is favored by freelancers and small teams in diverse fields, including entrepreneurs, sales, recruiting, and education. 

It is also useful for personal use, helping people like freelancers and solo entrepreneurs organize their meetings or social events easily. 

For teams and businesses, Doodle is great for leaders and managers. It simplifies scheduling group meetings or client appointments, making it easier to find a time that works for everyone involved.

Acuity Scheduling vs. Doodle Takeaway

Doodle offers a free plan suitable for individuals or small teams, although it includes ads that may prove distracting. Comparatively, Acuity Scheduling's starting plan is $20/month. 

However, if you opt for an upgrade, Doodle's paid plan begins at $14.95/user/month, making it a more affordable choice. Yet, it remains relatively pricey compared to OneCal. 

For teams, Doodle offers a plan starting at $19.95/user/month, which is potentially a better fit than Acuity. Similar to OneCal, Doodle also provides an enterprise plan; however, you'll need to contact them directly for pricing information.

If you're interested in comparing Doodle with other competitors, check out this article: Best Doodle Alternatives For Scheduling and Polling

3. YouCanBookMe

Youcanbookme calendar scheduling

YouCanBookMe lets you customize your booking page and adjust its language based on where you are, which is great for people and small teams who book clients and work across different places and time zones.

What is YouCanBookMe Typically Used For?

External Scheduling and Workflow

YouCanBookMe offers form prefilling, configurable confirmation, email reminders, and follow-up notifications for no-shows across both SMS and Email.

Custom Branding

With YouCanBookMe, you can easily personalize your booking link by adding your own cover image, brand color, and logo. You can also protect it with a password and add a footer for a professional touch.

Calendar Scheduling

Whether it's just you or your whole team, YouCanBookMe lets you schedule appointments. You can simply invite team members, and you can all get booked through the same link.

Who Uses YouCanBookMe

When looking at YouCanBookMe plans, they offer a free plan that lasts forever, perfect for freelancers and consultants. 

However, they only have one paid option, priced at $12 per calendar per month. This plan might not have all the features you need, so it's not ideal for everyone. But compared to Acuity Scheduling, you can benefit from the free plan forever or pay less for the paid plan.

Acuity Scheduling vs. YouCanBookMe Takeaway

When comparing Acuity Scheduling and YouCanBookMe, both are effective scheduling tools, but there are distinct differences that may make YouCanBookMe a better choice, particularly for certain users.

Acuity Scheduling is tailored towards professional services and businesses that heavily rely on appointments. It offers automation for client bookings, cancellations, reminders, and payments, making it a comprehensive solution for managing appointments efficiently. However, it does not provide a free plan, which may be a limiting factor for some users.

On the other hand, YouCanBookMe offers a free plan, making it accessible to users who may have budget constraints or are looking for a more cost-effective option.

4. Cal.com

Cal.com calendar tool

Cal.com is an Open-Source scheduling solution with a minimalistic UI, team scheduling, payment, routing, and plenty of features and integrations.

What is Cal.com Typically Used For?


Cal.com's main feature is its open-source codebase. This means users can host their own version of the software and contribute to its development. If you're a developer using Cal.com, you can join in and feel like part of the team by contributing to its improvement.


With the help of the Open-Source community, Cal.com has added significant integrations, such as Slack, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Zoom, and more.

cal.com integrations page

Who Uses Cal.com?

Cal.com is for everyone, especially those who value transparency and open-source contributions. It's perfect for individuals like freelancers, consultants, and professionals who need to organize meetings easily. 

With Cal.com, small to medium businesses can efficiently manage appointments across teams. Even large enterprises can benefit from customizing Cal.com to align with company policies and ensure security and data privacy in scheduling workflows.

Acuity Scheduling vs. Cal.com Takeaway

While Acuity's features are primarily designed for mid-size businesses, Cal.com appeals to a broader range of users. Although it doesn't target a specific industry, Cal.com is especially well-suited for users with software development skills or those comfortable with technology. This is because developers can leverage Cal.com's open-source nature to create a scheduling tool that meets specific requirements and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

In addition to customization options, Cal.com stands out for its self-hosting capability, providing users with greater control over their data. This feature is invaluable for businesses that prioritize data security and autonomy, as it allows them to manage their data independently.

If Cal.com sounds interesting as an Open Source platform. Please read our article on the Best Cal.com Alternatives, which compares Cal.com with its rivaling scheduling platforms.

5. Calendly

Calendly calendar scheduling app

With Calendly, you can connect various calendars, choose your appointment preferences, and decide if it's just you or a group meeting. It also helps you figure out who's leading the meetings and manages online ones using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

What is Calendly Typically Used For?

Calendly offers web-based interfaces for setting up meetings, eliminating the need for traditional email coordination and making the scheduling process more efficient and user-friendly.

App Integration 

Calendly integrates with the most popular calendar apps, enabling users to connect with Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoom, and many more.

Calendly Integrations Page

It offers one-on-one appointments, group meetings, or larger events, offering versatility in scheduling options.

Who Uses Calendly?

Individuals and teams of any size use Calendly to manage their schedules. Whether you're working as a freelancer, running a small business, or part of a bigger company, Calendly can help you organize your appointments and work better together.

Acuity Scheduling vs. Calendly Takeaway

Calendly provides four plans tailored to different business sizes. For individual users, there's a free plan with basic features. Small to medium-sized businesses can opt for the standard plan, priced at $12/month for up to six users, having access to Calendly's full range of features.

In terms of focus, Calendly prioritizes meeting scheduling, offering a simple and intuitive interface for users. It prominently displays available meeting times and facilitates easy navigation to manage schedules and preferences.

Unlike Acuity Scheduling, which focuses more on appointment-based businesses, Calendly's interface may be perceived as more user-friendly and straightforward by those seeking simplicity and ease of use.

In conclusion, Calendly is the preferred choice for users seeking a straightforward meeting scheduling solution with minimal complexity. Acuity Scheduling on the other hand appeals to businesses in need of advanced appointment management features..

If you want to dive deeper into how Calendly compares to other competitors, then this article might interest you: Best Calendly Alternatives.

6. SavvyCal

Savvycal calendar app

SavvyCal is a calendar tool that helps users plan meetings easily. They can put their schedule link on their website or connect it with other platforms like iCloud Calendar, Outlook, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

What is SavvyCal Typically Used For?


SavvyCal works with lots of other tools and apps, like email, calendar apps, and CRM systems. This means it's easier to handle your appointments and keep all your info updated together.

OneCal Integrations Page

Individual or Team Scheduling

With SavvyCal, you can schedule meetings for yourself or with your team. You can create links that consider your availability and preferences for yourself or invite team members.

Time Zone Support

SavvyCal changes times automatically for different time zones. This helps when scheduling meetings with people in other parts of the world. You don't need to figure out time conversions; SavvyCal does it for you.

Who Uses SavvyCal?

Freelancers or consultants who need to organize their schedules. The free plan is good for them, even though it has limitations and can't be used for scheduling.

Startups or small businesses that need an easy way for their team members to schedule meetings can choose their plan for $12/user/month.

Bigger teams looking for advanced features like custom branding and payment collection can choose the $20/user/month (the Premium plan), which is more affordable compared to Acuity Scheduling.

Acuity Scheduling vs SavvyCal

When comparing SavvyCal and Acuity Scheduling, SavvyCal emerges as a preferable option for many users.

SavvyCal is known for its user-friendly interface and is preferred by those who are tech-savvy. In contrast, Acuity Scheduling being more established, aims at mid-size businesses and larger enterprises.

One notable advantage of SavvyCal is its availability of a free plan, unlike Acuity Scheduling. Although SavvyCal's free plan has limited features, it's still cheaper than Acuity, starting at $12 per user per month.

To learn more about SavvyCal and the competition, please read our detailed article on the Top SavvyCal Alternatives.

Schedule and Sync Your Meetings Better with OneCal

With these great options to pick from, finding the right calendar tool for you should be easy.

But let's be honest: Acuity Scheduling is great for some.

Yet, if you need more features for an affordable price, then OneCal could be better for you. Our platform helps you manage all your scheduling needs, from appointments to events.

You can test the tool yourself by signing up for our free 14-day trial (no credit card required).