6 TidyCal Alternatives and Competitors to Try Out in 2024

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Feeling constrained by TidyCal’s features or pricing plan? In this article, we are sharing six other scheduling tools that offer more features and better ways to schedule and manage meetings. 

Here's what we will cover:

  • Reasons to consider switching from TidyCal

  • A breakdown of the top six alternatives, including their features, pricing, and more

  • Key takeaways comparing each alternative to TidyCal

Why Switch from TidyCal?

As you may already know, TidyCal is a small business calendar scheduling tool owned by AppSumo, made for people or businesses who work independently. The app lets you sync with Google and Outlook calendars, show your availability, and schedule meetings.

However, there are good reasons to explore other options besides TidyCal. Here are five key reasons why you might want to consider another alternative.

Limited Calendar Sync

TidyCal only allows users to sync up to 10 calendars at once. This limitation might be an issue for those managing multiple calendars. Unlike other tools that offer unlimited calendar syncing, TidyCal could be restrictive for users handling personal, work, and team calendars.

Not Suitable to All

TidyCal is popular among users for its lifetime deal, priced at only $29, making it an attractive option for freelancers and small businesses. Yet, this pricing plan may not be suitable for growing SMBs due to its limitation of connecting only ten calendars. 

While the lifetime deal may seem appealing initially, it carries risks in the long term, such as the app potentially discontinuing if it fails to generate sufficient revenue. Plus, you can’t upgrade to higher tiers later on, or you’d have to pay extra to access features not included in the lifetime deal.

Limited Connection with Users

Unlike some other platforms, TidyCal doesn't support having multiple users under one account. This means you can't invite several team members to TidyCal or connect multiple people's calendars to a single account.

So, each user needs their own license. This prevents you from setting up group booking links, which is something you can do with OneCal.

Limited Branding Options for Booking Pages

TidyCal provides limited branding options on booking pages, which may not suit businesses seeking a personalized touch without external references. Other apps in the list like OneCal, offer extensive branding options, including personalized social media previews for booking links and pages. 

Lack of Customer Support

Opting for a lifetime deal with TidyCal or any other tool means you'll receive less customer support, resulting in lower priority when issues arise. The tools listed below offer prior support in their paid plans with quick responses, making them a better choice for reliable assistance.

What are the Best TidyCal Alternatives?

Now let’s explore 6 top TidyCal alternatives, their features, pricing, and more.

1. OneCal

Sync your calendars with OneCal

Best for: Freelancers, CEOs, small and big teams.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. OneCal offers four plans, suitable to all. You can start using OneCal's main features at $5/month. See full pricing here.

Syncs with: Outlook and Google Calendars

Main Features

Calendar View. OneCal simplifies your scheduling by merging all your calendars into a single view, allowing you to see all your meetings at a glance and join them quickly.


Individual booking links. With OneCal, you can generate unique booking links based on your availability, making it effortless for others to schedule meetings with you.

OneCal - indvidual scheduling link

Team booking links. OneCal makes collective scheduling easy by enabling you to create booking links for your entire team. This feature streamlines the process of booking meetings with your team members, which is useful for group presentations or sales calls.

OneCal - collective scheduling link

Personalized booking links. OneCal offers customizable booking forms, allowing you to customize questions and gather specific information from bookers before they schedule a meeting. You can collect details like text, phone numbers, dropdown selections, and more.

Personalized social media previews. With OneCal, you can choose a cover image to make your branding look nice. It will show up smoothly on your booking page. And if you share your booking page link with branding set up, the cover image will also show when you share it on social media.

Team collaboration and roles. OneCal supports team collaboration by allowing you to invite, organize, and manage your team. Your team members can use features like Calendar Sync and Collective Booking links, making teamwork seamless.

Calendar time blocking. Unlike TidyCal, OneCal simplifies time management by automatically blocking time across all your calendars, ensuring privacy and preventing scheduling conflicts. You can easily adjust time blocks to suit your preferences.

Why OneCal is a Better Alternative to TidyCal?

TL;DR: OneCal simplifies scheduling with its Calendar View, real-time updates, personalized booking links, and team collaboration features, making it a hassle-free and efficient choice over TidyCal.

Compared to TidyCal, OneCal is the better choice for simpler scheduling and getting things done efficiently. Unlike TidyCal, which lacks some features like personalized links and branding options, OneCal offers everything you need to organize your schedule easily.

One of OneCal's main features is the Calendar View, which merges all your calendars into a single view, providing a clear overview of your schedule and making it easier to attend meetings quickly.

Plus, OneCal's appointment scheduling feature ensures that others can only book time with you when you're available, taking into account the availability from multiple calendars, a feature you won't find on TidyCal.

OneCal also automatically syncs all your calendars, so you never have to worry about double bookings. You can customize your booking links to ask for specific details from people before they book a time with you.

Last, you can invite your team, assign roles, and work together smoothly with OneCal's collaborative features. 

Overall, OneCal provides a more efficient and customizable scheduling experience compared to TidyCal. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, OneCal is the best choice for individuals and teams.

Experience OneCal yourself with a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). 

2. SavvyCal

Savvycal calendar scheduling tool

Best for: Freelancers and small teams. 

Pricing: Free plan. Paid plan starts at $12/user/month

Syncs with: Google, Outlook, and iCloud Calendar

Main Features

Individual or team scheduling. With SavvyCal, you can schedule meetings for yourself or with your team. You can create links that consider your availability and preferences for yourself or invite team members.

App integrations. SavvyCal seamlessly integrates with various tools and applications, including email services and CRM systems, simplifying appointment management and data synchronization.

Time zone support. SavvyCal automatically adjusts meeting times for different time zones.

SavvyCal vs TidyCal Takeaway

Compared to TidyCal, SavvyCal is a better choice for smoother scheduling and collaboration. While TidyCal makes it hard to personalize links, SavvyCal lets you create links that fit your schedule or your team's. 

TidyCal requires you to adjust everything manually, but SavvyCal connects easily with many other tools, like email and calendars, making it simpler to manage all your appointments together. Also, TidyCal doesn't give you much control over your schedule or how many meetings you can have in a day, but SavvyCal offers more flexibility for scheduling. 

Plus, with SavvyCal, you can keep things looking professional with branding options, something TidyCal doesn't offer. In short, if you want scheduling to be easy and professional, go with SavvyCal.

To find out about other competitors like SavvyCal and see how it compares to other tools, check out the Best SavvyCal Alternatives.

3. Calendly

Calendly scheduling automation platform

Best for: Individuals, business professionals, freelancers, and consultants.

Pricing: Free plan. The paid plans start at $12/user/month

Syncs with: Google, Outlook, Microsoft Office, and iCloud

Main Features

Round-robin. This feature ensures fair distribution of meetings among team members based on availability or priority.

Buffer times. You can add breaks between meetings to give yourself time to prepare for the next meeting.

Seamless integrations: Calendly integrates with popular calendar services such as Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, and iCloud. It also connects with productivity tools like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Zoom, and Slack via its API.

Team collaboration. Team members can collaborate easily on meeting planning, schedule management, and conflict resolution, promoting smooth team collaboration.

Payment flexibility. You can connect Calendly with payment services like PayPal or Stripe to facilitate charging for meetings if needed.

Calendly vs TidyCal Takeaway

Users like using Calendly because it makes setting up meetings easy, saving them a lot of hassle. The best parts are how well it works with different calendars, and its simple design makes planning meetings almost effortless.

They both provide a user-friendly interface for booking appointments, seamlessly handle timezone differences, and prevent double bookings and schedule clashes.

However, there are some notable differences between the two. TidyCal offers a one-time payment option of $29 for lifetime access to all features, which is a more budget-friendly option compared to Calendly’s Professional plan, starting at $12/month.

Yet, Calendly’s free plan is more generous, with unlimited bookings and automated event notifications. Calendly also provides a wider range of video conferencing options and additional integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, and Mailchimp.

To learn more about Calendly and similar scheduling tools, please read our article on the Best Calendly Alternatives.

4. YouCanBookMe

youcanbookme appointment calendar app

Best for: Individuals, coaches, consultants, sales, and customer success teams

Pricing: Free Plan. Paid plan starting at $10.89/calendar/month

Syncs with: Outlook 365, Google, and Fastmail calendars

Main Features

Individual or group scheduling. With YouCanBookMe, you have the option to schedule appointments for yourself or extend invitations to team members.

Custom branding. You can tailor your booking page to reflect your brand identity by uploading images, selecting brand colors, and incorporating your logo. You can even add a password and footer for added customization.

External booking and workflow management. YouCanBookMe provides convenient features such as pre-filled forms, customizable confirmation messages, email and text reminders, and notifications for missed appointments.

Language options. YouCanBookMe allows you to customize your booking pages in any language to target a diverse audience.

YouCanBookMe vs TidyCal Takeaway

Overall, YouCanBookMe is the better choice for simple scheduling and making your bookings look just right. Unlike TidyCal, which doesn't let you personalize links or make your page match your brand, YouCanBookMe lets you customize your booking page with pictures, colors, and logos. 

With YouCanBookMe, you can tailor your booking forms to perfection, ensuring you’re ready for every booking scenario. You can add, edit, and arrange questions, including multiple-choice, drop-downs, and long text fields.

TidyCal also lacks helpful features like reminders and customizable messages while  YouCanBookMe offers easy booking for you or your team, reminders via email or text, and even options for different languages. 

We wrote an article comparing YouCanBookMe with the best alternatives. Check it out to learn more about YouCanBookMe.

5. Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI scheduling

Best for: Freelancers and SMBs

Pricing: Free Plan. Paid plan starts at $10/user/month

Syncs with: Google Calendar

Main Features

Automatic 1:1 meeting adjustments. You can easily discover ideal times for one-on-one meetings and adjust schedules if any conflicts arise.

Smart planning. The app helps you establish and maintain routines by automatically adding recurring activities to your calendar.

Scheduled breaks. This feature allows you to include pauses between tasks and meetings to alleviate stress and maintain productivity.

Priority meeting booking links. Reclaim allows you to simplify meeting scheduling by providing priority time slots for booking.

Performance analytics. You will receive weekly summaries to evaluate time allocation and effectively plan upcoming high-priority tasks.

Reclaim AI vs TidyCal Takeaway

Comparing TidyCal and Reclaim AI, Reclaim AI comes out on top for better scheduling and productivity help. While TidyCal has limitations like no personalized links or scheduling optimizations, Reclaim AI offers helpful features like automatic 1:1 meeting adjustments, smart planning for regular tasks, scheduled breaks, priority meeting booking links, and performance insights. 

Although Reclaim AI only syncs with Google Calendar, it has more features, including AI assistants. So, if you want easier scheduling and better productivity, go with Reclaim AI.

If using an AI planner sounds interesting, please read our article on the Top Reclaim AI Alternatives, comparing Reclaim with the best AI scheduling apps in the market.

6. Doodle

Doodle scheduling tool

Best for: Freelancers and big teams.

Pricing: Free plan. Paid plan starts at $14.95/user/month.

Syncs with: Google, Office 365, and Apple iCloud Calendars

Main Features

Doodle polls. You can create surveys where participants can select preferred times. You give them a few options, and they vote for the time that works best for them.

Easy invitations and reminders. With Doodle, you will be able to invite participants to meetings with Doodle's streamlined process. Additionally, Doodle sends reminders to ensure everyone remains on schedule.

App integrations. Doodle seamlessly integrates with popular calendar apps and tools, including Google Calendar, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zapier.

Doodle vs TidyCal Takeaway

While both have free plans, when comparing TidyCal and Doodle, Doodle might be a better choice when it comes to mid-size and large businesses, unlike TidyCal, which is mainly for small businesses. 

Doodle offers extensive features like Doodle polls, where everyone can vote on the best meeting times, making scheduling easier. It also sends reminders and integrates well with other apps like Zapier and Zoom. So, if you want a simpler way to schedule meetings, go with Doodle.

To learn more about Doodle, please read our detailed article on Doodle and The Best Doodle Alternatives for appointment scheduling.

Go Beyond with OneCal Scheduling Features

For those seeking an all-in-one solution to manage tasks, events, meetings, and shared calendars in one place, OneCal is your go-to. 

Its features, such as Calendar View, real-time updates, personalized booking links, and team collaboration tools, make it an efficient alternative to TidyCal.

Give it a try with our free 14-day trial to see how it can help your business work better.