How to Sync Google Calendar with Apple Watch (Updated for 2024)

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If you use your Apple Watch alongside your iPhone and want to access your Google Calendar events from your Apple Watch, this article is for you.

How to See Google Calendar Events on Apple Watch

To see your Google Calendar on Apple Watch, you can follow similar steps as in how to sync Google Calendar with iPhone article.

1. Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone

iPhone - Find the settings app

The iPhone Settings app has a gear icon and is usually located on the home screen. If you can’t find it on the home screen, you can search for ‘Settings’.

2. Find the ‘Mail’ settings

iPhone Settings - Mail Section

The mail settings allow us to manage all your Calendars on your iPhone. We’ll leverage this feature to add a Google Calendar to your iPhone.

3. Click ‘Accounts’

iPhone Settings - Mail Accounts

The ‘Accounts’ section allows you to manage all your connected accounts on your iPhone. The accounts include iCloud, Google, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

4. Click ‘Add Account’

iPhone Settings - Add Mail

If you haven’t connected a Google Calendar account yet, you can do so by clicking the ‘Add new Account’ button on the Accounts section.

5. Click ‘Google’

iPhone Settings - Add Google Account

Clicking Google enables you to connect your Google Account to your iPhone Calendar and, subsequently, to your Apple Watch.

6. Enter the Google Account credentials

iPhone - enter Google Credentials

The next step is to enter your Google email and password. Note that the screen you use to enter your username and password is secure, as it’s provided by Google.

7. Enable ‘Calendar Sync’

enable calendar sync iphone

After signing in with your Google Account, you’ll be provided with a list of options like Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc. You must enable ‘Calendar Sync’ by checking the ‘Calendars’ section.

8. Wait a little and open the Calendar app on Apple Watch

Given that you connected your Google Calendar to your iPhone, you should wait a couple of minutes for the Google Calendar to show up on your Apple Watch. After 5 minutes or so, open the calendar app on your Apple Watch. You should be able to see all Google Calendar events.

💡Good to know

This is not a real sync, as we’re simply connecting the Google Calendar to your iPhone and then leveraging the syncing feature between the iPhone and Apple Watch.

For real-time, automatic calendar syncing, you should use a Calendar Sync Tool like OneCal.

Downsides of Syncing Google Calendar with Apple Calendar

This method effectively imports your Google Calendar into your iPhone, allowing you to view Google Calendar events along with other Calendars.

You should be aware that the calendars are still separate, and this method doesn’t merge calendars or sync them.

Another downside is that the Calendar on your iPhone might stop syncing with your imported calendars, or updates might be delayed. This issue might be more prevalent due to the fact that we've imported the Google Calendar into the iPhone, and then let the iPhone sync the events to the Apple Watch.

Are There Alternatives to Syncing Google Calendar with Apple Watch?

Using OneCal you can directly sync Google Calendar with iCloud Calendar, allowing you to view Google Calendar events across all Apple devices, as long as you've connected the iCloud account.

Sync Google Calendar with iCloud Calendar Illustration

OneCal communicates with official Outlook and Google Calendar API, removing the possibility of the calendars not syncing.

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Sync Google Calendar with Apple Watch using OneCal

Using OneCal, you can sync Google Calendar with Apple Calendar, sync Outlook with Apple Calendar, or simultaneously sync multiple iCloud Calendars.

The syncs are real-time and automatic across multiple calendar providers like Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCloud Calendar.

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