How to Sync iCloud/Apple Calendars - Updated for 2024

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Do you manage multiple iCloud Calendars and would like to sync them? Look no further!

In this article, we’ll explain how to sync iCloud/Apple Calendars in real-time, surface some misconceptions, and give you our recommendations.

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Syncing iCloud/Apple Calendars via iPhone, Apple Calendar app on MacOS, etc

When searching “How to sync Apple Calendars” in Google Search, the most common results show you how to import an iCloud calendar into the default MacOS calendar app or on the iPhone Calendar app.

Although you can view multiple iCloud Calendars on your iPhone, this method doesn’t sync Apple calendars directly. This method imports another calendar on your iPhone or MacOS, making it easier to view multiple calendars in one view.

If you open your iCloud Calendar on another device, you won’t be able to see the previously imported calendars, as the calendar is separate.

Ultimately, your iCloud calendars are still separate and not synced.

Imported iCloud Calendar in the Apple Calendar App

What does it mean to sync iCloud/Apple Calendars?

Two iCloud/Apple Calendars are synced when events from the first calendar are cloned in the second calendar, and vice versa. Furthermore, if you create a meeting on the first Apple Calendar, it’s automatically reflected on the other Apple Calendar.

Pros of ‘Syncing’ Apple Calendars by using the Apple Calendar App

Even though importing doesn’t sync Apple Calendars, a benefit of importing your iCloud calendar into your iPhone or MacOS calendar is that you can view multiple calendars without needing to open each calendar separately. Furthermore, you can have an overview of your full schedule in one app.

Downsides of ‘Syncing’ Apple Calendars by using the Apple Calendar App

  • Importing doesn't sync iCloud/Apple calendars: Importing means viewing a calendar alongside your other calendars in an app. After importing, the calendar is still separate from the other Apple Calendars, so it’s not a real sync per se.

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How to Sync iCloud/Apple Calendars automatically?

To directly sync two iCloud/Apple Calendars, you’ll need to use a Calendar Sync Tool that integrates with iCloud.

The best calendar sync app that supports iCloud, Outlook, and Google Calendar is OneCal.

OneCal directly syncs iCloud calendars, meaning that events are cloned from one iCloud calendar to another in real-time.

With OneCal, you can:

  • sync iCloud Calendars in real-time
  • pick which event properties are synced from an Apple Calendar to another

To automatically sync two (or more) iCloud/Apple Calendars in real-time, follow these steps:

1. Sign Up for OneCal (for free)

OneCal Signup Page

You can Sign Up for OneCal for free, no need for a credit card.

2. Connect your iCloud/Apple Calendars

OneCal - Connect iCloud Calendar Screen

You can import multiple iCloud calendars in OneCal and assign them a name and color so you can distinguish them later.

Important: To connect your iCloud Calendars to OneCal, you must first Generate an App-Specific password.

After generating your app-specific password for your iCloud account, please enter your email and password into OneCal.

OneCal UI - Enter App Specific Password

Note that the App-Specific password is specific for an app (in this case, OneCal) and different than the iCloud password. This password can also be revoked at any time.

After authorizing your Apple Account, you can choose to connect the calendars that belong to that account:

OneCal - iCloud Calendars are connected

3. Click ‘Start New Sync’

OneCal - Start new sync button

After connecting your iCloud calendars, click the ‘Start New Sync’ button to start syncing them.

4. Choose the sync direction

OneCal - Choose the sync direction

Depending on your use case, you might want to clone events from one calendar to another or keep both calendars synced. That’s why OneCal has one-way and multi-way syncs, so you can choose the configuration that fits your use case.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll select “Multi-way”, because we want to keep two iCloud calendars in sync.

5. Choose the iCloud/Apple Calendars to sync

OneCal - Select the iCloud Calendars to sync

In this step, just select the iCloud Calendars you want to sync. OneCal supports syncing multiple calendars, so if you have connected 5 calendars, you can select all of them in this step.

6. Choose what’s synced between iCloud Calendars

OneCal - Choose what's synced between iCloud Calendars

Depending on which calendars you’re syncing, you can choose to carry over event titles, descriptions, locations, and other meeting properties.

For this example, we just want to block time in all our iCloud Calendars, so we’ll unselect all properties.

Your iCloud Calendars are synced 🥳

OneCal - iCloud Calendars are synced

Your iCloud Calendars are synced and remain synced. Whenever an event is created or updated in one of your iCloud calendars, OneCal will automatically sync that event to the other iCloud Calendar.

What are the pros of using OneCal to sync iCloud/Apple Calendars?

  1. Automatic iCloud Calendar Sync. Unlike importing iCloud Calendars in your Calendar App, OneCal directly syncs and keeps iCloud Calendar up to date, so you’ll always see your availability, no matter where you log in.
  2. Secure and private, OneCal allows you to sync all event details between iCloud Calendars and block time between them.
  3. Support for Google Calendar and Outlook: If you use Google Calendar or Outlook in addition to iCloud, you can use OneCal to block time across all of them.

Sync iCloud/Apple Calendars using OneCal

OneCal is the best calendar sync tool on the market, supporting Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCloud.

The calendar synchronization system is very reliable and customizable. Thousands of professionals all around the world use OneCal as their go-to tool for Calendar Synchronization and scheduling links.

Sign Up for a free OneCal account, no strings attached or credit card required. You can delete your account at any time.