How to Sync Google Calendar with Android

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If you rely on Google Calendar to manage your work and personal schedules and use an Android phone, then syncing your Google Calendar with Android can save you more time. 

Having your calendar available on your phone ensures you can access your events and appointments wherever you are, whether on the go, traveling, or away from your computer.

Let’s cover two simple methods to sync your Google Calendar with your Android: through the device's settings and via the Google Calendar app. 

We'll also outline the advantages and disadvantages of each method and provide you with the best alternative for syncing your Google Calendar with Android.

How to Sync Google Calendar with Android Through the Built-in Calendar App

Syncing your Google Calendar with your Android device using the built-in calendar app is a simple process. This guide will walk you through the steps to make sure your schedule is always up-to-date and easily accessible right from your phone. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open “Settings” on your Phone: First, open your phone's "Settings" app, as illustrated in the image below.

    Settings on Android
  2. Select “Accounts”: Scroll down and tap on "Accounts." This will display all of the accounts that you have connected to your Android device.

  3. Choose “Google”: From the list of providers, select "Google." If you are not signed in, enter your account details, like your email and password, and sign in.

    Google email provider
  4. Enable “Sync Calendar”: After logging in, you'll see options like Sync Calendar, Contacts, Drive, Gmail, and more. Ensure the “Sync Calendar” is on. ​​This will sync your Google Calendar events to the native Calendar app on your Android phone.

    enable calendar sync

How to Sync Google Calendar with Android Through the Google Calendar App

To sync Google Calendar with your Android using the Google Calendar app, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the “Google Calendar” App on Play Store: Open the Play Store on your phone. Search for "Google Calendar" and tap "Download" to install the app. If you have already downloaded your Google Calendar, just open the app.

    google calendar app play store
  2. Sign In to the Google Calendar app: Log in using your Google account credentials (your email and password).

    google sign in
  3. Select Your Calendar: You can now select which calendar you want to display on the Google Calendar app. After that, a notification will appear asking whether you want to allow contacts and notifications to appear in your Calendar.

    calendar on Android
  4. Access Settings: In the app, go to the settings menu to adjust your preferences.

  5. Configure Sync Settings: To keep your calendar up-to-date, set up which Google calendars to sync and how you want to receive notifications.

Cons of Syncing Google Calendar with Android

Difficult setup. Setting up the Android calendar to work with Google Calendar can be hard and take extra steps.

Incomplete syncing. The calendars show your events, but they do not fully work together and are ultimately separate calendars. Suppose you have imported a Google Calendar and an Outlook Calendar into your Android phone. The Outlook Calendar team members don’t know you’re busy on Google Calendar, causing double bookings.

Delayed updates. Sometimes, changes you make on your computer take a while to show up on your phone. This can be confusing and lead to missed appointments because you know a meeting was scheduled.

Limited customization. The Android calendar does not let you change much. Other apps can give you more choices to look at and manage your calendar.

Lack of features. If you need more features, faster updates, and better integration, the built-in calendar might not be enough. Other apps like OneCal might work better for you.

Alternatives on Syncing Google Calendar with Your Android

A third-party app like OneCal is a great alternative to syncing Google Calendar with your Android device. These apps make it easy to sync your calendars across all devices and providers without the need to import them manually. 

For example, you can sync two Google Calendars, such as one for work and one for personal use, ensuring that your privacy is maintained.

If you use Outlook for work and Google Calendar for personal events, an app like OneCal can sync them both, allowing you to view, manage, share, and block time across different platforms

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These apps offer many features that are necessary for effective calendar management, such as real-time syncing, which means there are no delays—your calendars update instantly.

Overall, other calendar apps (not the built-in ones) offer more features and options. They make it simple to manage all your events and appointments in one place, and they are easier to use for keeping track of your schedule.

Use OneCal to Automatically Sync Your Google Calendars in Real Time

If you want a third-party app to sync your Google and Outlook calendars in real time, avoid conflicts, and use all the features mentioned above—and even more—consider OneCal. 

With OneCal, you can customize booking links and pages, use your own branding, and enjoy many other advanced appointment scheduling features. It only costs $5 per month and allows you to connect up to two calendars. 

Plus, we offer a 14-day free trial so you can test the tool yourself. Give it a try today!