How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Apple Watch (2024 Guide)

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Let’s learn how to sync Outlook Calendar with Apple Watch so you can seamlessly see Outlook events on your Apple Watch.

How to See Outlook Calendar Events on Apple Watch

To see Outlook events on your Apple Watch, please follow these steps:

1. Open the iPhone ‘Settings’ app

iPhone Settings app

You can open the ‘Settings’ app by scrolling into the apps list or searching ‘Settings’. You should be able to identify it pretty quickly because it has a gear icon.

2. Scroll until you find the ‘Mail’ section

iPhone Settings - Mail Section

We’ll use the Mail settings to connect our Outlook Calendar to the iPhone.

3. Click ‘Accounts’

iPhone Settings - Mail Accounts

Clicking ‘Accounts’ allows us to manage all of our connected accounts, as well as add new mail accounts (Outlook in this case).

4. Click ‘Add Account’

iPhone Settings - Add Mail

Click ‘Add Account’ so you can connect the Outlook calendar to your iPhone.

5. Click ‘’

iPhone Settings - Click ''

Given that we want to see Outlook events in our Apple Watch, we’ll click ‘’ on the ‘Add Account’ options.

6. Enter the Outlook credentials

iPhone - enter Outlook Credentials

The authentication screen is provided by Microsoft Outlook and is fully secure, so don’t worry about the integrity of your data.

7. Enable ‘Calendar Sync’

enable calendar sync iphone

After entering your Outlook credentials, Apple will prompt a list of services to enable, out of which you have to enable ‘Calendars’, so the iPhone is in sync with your Outlook events.

8. Open the Calendar app on Apple Watch

After connecting the Outlook Calendar to your iPhone, you should be able to see Outlook events on your Apple Watch Calendar in a few minutes.

💡Important to know

This method utilizes the Apple Watch's ability to sync with the iPhone. However, it doesn’t directly sync calendars. Instead, it imports the Outlook Calendar into your iPhone so the Apple Watch can sync with it.

For direct calendar syncing, you have to use a third-party tool like OneCal that directly integrates with different calendar providers and syncs them in real-time.

Common Problems of Syncing Outlook with Apple Watch

It’s not uncommon for the Apple Watch to stop syncing with the iPhone, as Outlook has to sync with the iPhone first, and then the events go from the iPhone to your Apple Watch.

Apple Calendar also experiences sync issues, so I would keep a look for missing events from time to time and ensure the schedule is up to date.

Are There Other Alternatives to Syncing Outlook with Apple Watch?

A great alternative would be leveraging OneCal to directly sync Outlook with iCloud Calendar, so you don’t worry about events syncing through your iPhone Calendar to appear on Apple Watch.

Sync Outlook Calendar with iCloud Calendar Illustration

Using OneCal you won’t have to worry about connecting Outlook or Google Calendar to your Apple devices as long as you’ve synced Outlook and Google Calendar to your iCloud account.

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