How To Sync Multiple Microsoft Teams Calendars

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As mentioned in the How to Sync Google Calendar with Teams Calendar article, Microsoft has a bad habit of simultaneously supporting multiple products that do the same thing.

Outlook and Teams Calendar is one of the examples, as fundamentally they are the same thing, but in Microsoft Teams, you can only see the Primary Outlook calendar, named Calendar.

Given that both calendars are Microsoft products, you’d think syncing Microsoft Teams Calendars is easy, but it’s not the case.

Let’s discuss how to sync multiple Microsoft Teams Calendars.

Why is Syncing Microsoft Teams Calendars Not Possible Through Microsoft Teams Interface?

Syncing Outlook Calendars would work if you were to use Outlook, but the issue with Microsoft Teams Calendar is that it only displays and checks availability against the primary Outlook Calendar, called “Calendar”.

If you share an Outlook Calendar and import it into another, it won’t show in Microsoft Teams, as the calendar is not primary.

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams Calendar doesn’t allow importing other calendars via a URL, or other means.

Microsoft Teams Calendar UI

How to Automatically Sync Multiple Microsoft Teams Calendars?

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Given that syncing Microsoft Teams Calendars is not possible through the Microsoft Teams Calendar interface, the only way to sync Teams Calendar is through using a third-party calendar sync tool, like OneCal.

Using OneCal, you can sync multiple Microsoft Teams Calendars in real-time, automatically.

OneCal shines when it comes to syncing two or more Microsoft Teams Calendars because you can:

  • Sync Multiple Microsoft Teams Calendars into one Microsoft Teams Calendar: OneCal enables you to sync all your Microsoft Teams Calendars into another Team Calendar, enabling you to see all your calendars in Microsoft Teams. Furthermore, this enables your team members to see your real availability when booking meetings with you through Microsoft Teams.
  • Sync Multiple Microsoft Teams Calendars simultaneously: OneCal supports multi-way syncs, meaning that you can sync multiple calendars in one go. Say you have 5 Microsoft Calendars: Using OneCal, you can keep them in sync automatically, in real-time.
  • Sync Teams Calendars by configuring the privacy: You get to choose the event details propagated from one team's Calendar to another. Say you are syncing a work Teams Calendar and a client’s Teams Calendar: You wouldn’t want the Client to see your work meetings. With OneCal, you can just block the time in each Microsoft Teams Calendar, avoiding double booking and confusion.

Illustration of two synced Microsoft Teams Calendars

Automatically Sync Multiple Microsoft Teams Calendars Using OneCal

OneCal is the top calendar syncing software, trusted by thousands of professionals and companies who rely on it on a day-to-day basis.

The synchronization is reliable, and the team is very helpful when it comes to questions, suggestions, or issues.

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