How To Sync Outlook Calendar with ClickUp

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ClickUp is a project management platform that aims to combine project management and calendars, eliminating the need to use multiple apps to manage your projects and time.

One missing feature of ClickUp is that you can’t 2-way sync ClickUp with Outlook Calendar. If that’s the case, this article will be a lifesaver, as we’ll explain how to two-way sync Outlook with ClickUp.

Why Doesn’t Outlook Calendar Sync With ClickUp?

ClickUp has a 2-way sync feature that allows you to sync your ClickUp tasks with the desired calendar. The sync is 2-way, meaning that tasks created from the ClickUp Calendar View will be reflected in your Calendar and vice versa.

Unfortunately, although you can connect Outlook and Google Calendars to Clickup, this feature is only available for Google Calendars.

With Outlook, you can only sync one way, which means you can view your scheduled ClickUp tasks inside Outlook but not in ClickUp Calendar View.

ClickUp Connect Calendar Page

How To 2-Way Sync Outlook Calendar with ClickUp

Since ClickUp doesn’t natively support 2-way syncing with Outlook, the only way to two-way sync Outlook Calendar with ClickUp is to use a Calendar Sync Tool like OneCal.

OneCal Landing Page

Calendar Sync Tools allow you to sync Google Calendar and Outlook Calendars in real-time, allowing you to leverage the Google Calendar to automatically sync the ClickUp Calendar to Outlook as well.

To sync Outlook Calendar with ClickUp, we’ll leverage a Google Calendar, given that ClickUp supports 2-way syncs for Google Calendar.

We’ll connect that Google Calendar to ClickUp and then sync it with your Outlook Calendar using OneCal.

If you don’t have a Google Calendar, you’ll have to sign up for a Google Calendar account, as it’s required to sync it with your Outlook Calendar. The Google Calendar will be connected to ClickUp, as it’s the only way to make a 2-way Calendar Sync possible.

This is how you’d sync Outlook Calendar with ClickUp using OneCal:

  1. Sign Up to OneCal: You can sign up For OneCal for free without needing a credit card. You can Sign Up with Google or by email.
    OneCal Signup Page
  2. Connect the Google Calendar and the Outlook Calendar: After signing up, you should connect the Google Calendar and the Outlook Calendar you wish to sync with ClickUp.
    OneCal Dashboard - Connect Calendars
  3. Click ‘Start New Sync’: This will start the process of creating a new sync between Google Calendar and Outlook, ensuring that both calendars stay in sync in real-time.
    OneCal Dashboard - Click Start New Sync
  4. Select ‘Multi-way’ as sync direction: The multi-way sync direction ensures the calendars stay in sync both ways. Each time you create a task in ClickUp, ClickUp will sync it to your Google Calendar, and OneCal will sync it with Outlook.
    OneCal Dashboard - Multi-way sync
  5. Select the Outlook and Google Calendar to Sync: The next step is to select the Outlook and Google Calendars to keep in sync.
    Select Calendars to sync for ClickUp
  6. Select all sync options: Given that you want events to sync from Google Calendar to Outlook with the full details, select all options you want to sync.
    Calendar Sync Configuration for ClickUp
  7. Click ‘Start Sync’: After clicking Start Sync, OneCal will sync your calendars and keep them up to date automatically.
    OneCal Start New Sync
  8. Open ClickUp: You can access ClickUp by visiting
  9. Go to settings/calendar: This page lets you connect your Google Calendar to ClickUp.
    ClickUp Connect Calendar Page
  10. Click ‘Google Calendar’: Please connect the Google Calendar you synced with Outlook using OneCal.

Your Outlook Calendar is now in sync with ClickUp through the Google Calendar 🥳

You should be able to see all Outlook events in your ClickUp Calendar View. Now, your Outlook Calendar stays in sync with ClickUp.


Use OneCal To Keep Outlook Calendar In Sync With ClickUp Automatically

Using OneCal, you can sync Outlook with ClickUp automatically, eliminating the need to go back and forth between ClickUp and Outlook Calendar and keeping ClickUp as the source of truth.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial to automatically sync Outlook and Google Calendar and share scheduling links that people love.