How To Sync Microsoft Teams Calendar With Google Calendar

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Do you manage a Microsoft Teams Calendar and a Google Calendar, and you’re struggling to keep your availability up to date, leading to double bookings?

Would you like to view all your Microsoft Team meetings in your Google Calendar?

We’ve had the same issues, so in this article, we’ll explain different ways to sync Microsoft Teams Calendar with Google Calendar and the pros and cons of each method.

How to Manually Sync Microsoft Teams Calendar with Google Calendar

It’s important to understand that a Microsoft Teams Calendar is an Outlook Calendar and the only way to manually sync a Team Calendar with Google Calendar is to publish the Teams Calendar in the Outlook Calendar interface and import it to Google Calendar.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can sync one Microsoft Teams calendar with another Google Calendar.

  1. Open Outlook: You can open Outlook by opening this URL You have to sign in if you haven't already.

  2. Click the Settings gear: Clicking the Settings icon allows you to manage your calendar settings, along with other sharing options.

    Outlook Settings Icon
  3. Click the Calendar tab:  The Calendar tab has all settings related to your calendar.

    Outlook Shared Calendars Section
  4. Click the Shared Calendars sub-menu: This menu is responsible for sharing calendars with other people, or publishing a calendar by using a link so other people or systems can access the calendar.

    Outlook Shared Calendar Sub Menu
  5. Locate the “Publish a Calendar” section, then find the Microsoft Teams Calendar you want to sync: The Publish a Calendar section is responsible for publishing one Teams calendar by providing a URL after the publish.

    Outlook Publish a Calendar Section

  6. Select the permissions you wish to allow to sync: This is very crucial, as it determines whether your Google Calendar can display all event details or just the time slots. You can choose to sync the whole event details, or just the time slot.

    Outlook - Select calendar permissions
  7. Click Publish: This generates two URLs, an HTML and an ICS URL. We are interested in the ICS URL.

  8. Copy the ICS URL.⁠

    Outlook - Copy the ICS URL
  9. Open the Google Calendar you want to sync your Microsoft Teams calendar with: You can open Google Calendar by accessing this URL: (don’t forget to sign in).

  10. Locate the “Other Calendars” Section: The Other Calendar section is located on the sidebar, near the bottom of the page.

    Outlook - Other Calendars section

  11. Click “From URL” in the drop-down menu.

    Google Calendar - From URL section
  12. Paste the ICS URL we copied from Outlook, then click Add Calendar.

    Google Calendar - Paste the ICS URL we got from Google Calendar
  13. Your Microsoft Teams Calendar is not available on your Google Calendar: Note that this process might take a minute or two, depending on how many events your Microsoft Teams Calendar has. Your Teams Calendar will appear in the list under Other Calendars + once it’s synced.

🛑 Important Note: This solution only works for the primary Microsoft Teams Calendar, and has many downfalls. To sync other than the primary Microsoft Teams Calendar into Google Calendar, you should use a Calendar Sync app like OneCal, which allows for automatic and real-time calendar syncing.

Downfalls of syncing Microsoft Teams Calendar with Google Calendar by publishing and importing.

  1. The synchronization is not real-time: One important fact to bear in mind is that events created on the Microsoft Teams Calendar take up to 24 hours to be synchronized to Google Calendar. This is very concerning, as it leads to double bookings and confusion for you and your team members.
  2. Won’t avoid scheduling conflicts: When we imported the Microsoft Teams Calendar into Google Calendar, we mentioned that you’d be able to see the Teams Calendar under the Other Calendars section. This means that the calendar is a secondary calendar. If team members use the “Find a Time” feature in Google Calendar, they won’t be able to see your Microsoft Teams Calendar meetings.
  3. Restricting Calendar Sync Options: When publishing a Microsoft Teams Calendar via Outlook, you’re only given the option to either hide all event details or show all event details. This is quite restricting, as you might want to sync some event properties, and hide others.

How to Sync Microsoft Teams Calendar with Google Calendar Automatically?

OneCal Testimonials Hero

The best way to sync a Microsoft Teams Calendar with a Google Calendar is by using OneCal, which allows you to automatically sync Teams and Google Calendars, select the privacy of the synced events, and more.

How To Use OneCal to Sync Microsoft Teams Calendar With Google Calendar:

1. Connect your Microsoft Teams Calendar and Google Calendar.

This step is quite easy, as OneCal uses official Microsoft and Google APIs, meaning that the calendar connection is fully secure. If you’re logged in to Google and Microsoft, you can connect all calendars in less than one minute.

OneCal Dashboard - Connect Calendars

2. Choose which Microsoft Teams Calendar to sync with Google Calendar

Unlike the first method, OneCal allows you to sync multiple calendars in one go. No need to follow 13 distinct steps to only sync one Microsoft Teams Calendar to a Google Calendar. With OneCal is as simple as choosing the calendars to sync.

OneCal Dashboard - Select the Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar to sync

OneCal supports one-way(sync calendar A to calendar B) or multi-way syncs (sync multiple calendars).

3. Configure how events are synced from Microsoft Teams Calendar with Google Calendar

You have full control over which meeting properties are synced from Microsoft Teams to Google Calendar. You can choose to sync everything, or nothing, or select each meeting property.

OneCal - Configure how events are synced

4. Your Teams Calendar is synced with Google Calendar!

Events from your Microsoft Teams Calendars will be automatically cloned to your Google Calendar. You don’t need to worry about the sync getting delayed, or things going wrong.

OneCal Calendar Sync success illustration

📆 Now check your Calendars!

OneCal Calendar Sync Illustration of synced Calendars

Why use OneCal to sync Microsoft Teams Calendar and Google Calendar?

  1. Real-time Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar Sync: After setting the initial Calendar Sync, OneCal automatically keeps in sync your Microsoft Teams and Google Calendar. As soon as an event is created in your Microsoft Team Calendar, OneCal will reflect that meeting in your Google Calendar.
  2. No Privacy issues: When publishing the Microsoft Teams Calendar, you’re making the calendar available to the public. Anyone with the URL can access your calendar (based on the selected permissions). With OneCal, your calendar remains private, and no one can access it in any way.
  3. Easy setup: With OneCal, you can sync as many Microsoft Teams and Google Calendars as you wish. There is no need to follow tens of steps to sync one Microsoft Teams Calendar to another. As soon as you connect your calendars to OneCal, you can sync them in one minute.

Automatically Sync Multiple Microsoft Teams Calendars With Google Calendars Using OneCal

OneCal is the best calendar sync tool in the market, allowing you to sync multiple Microsoft Teams and Google Calendars automatically, in one go, giving peace of mind that the calendars will automatically stay in sync.

You can sign up for OneCal for free, with no credit card required.