OneCal Product Update - February 2024

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We're excited to introduce some highly requested features that enhance the capabilities of your booking links.️

You can easily apply branding across all booking links by default, by displaying a cover image and a brand color, which changes the color of all booking links, including buttons and other elements.


If you don't want to apply branding globally, you can brand each booking link individually.

You can disable branding for a specific booking link, add custom branding, or apply global branding.

Here is what a branded booking link looks like:


Allow schedulers to invite additional guests to the meeting

Our Collective Scheduling capabilities just got improved, as now you can allow bookers to invite people to your booking links.

You can also limit the number of additional guests the scheduler can invite.


Here is how schedulers can invite more guests:


You can now enter rich text as a booking link description, including bold text, italic text, and links.


What's next?

We appreciate your feedback and feature suggestions. We'll keep iterating on our existing features based on your feedback. As for our near-term plans, this is what we have on our roadmap:

  • Add requested features to calendar sync, like syncing original event colors, and more
  • Add more features around booking links, specifically Custom Booking Link Forms