OneCal Product Update - January 2024

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During these months we've been working hard to make OneCal the best calendar management product it can be. Let's take a look at the new OneCal features and improvements ❄️

Effortlessly share booking links that read availability across multiple calendars.


Our Team capabilities just got improved, as now you can not only pay for your team members but create collective booking links for others to book time with you and your team.


Collective Booking Links share all the features of Individual Scheduling Links, with the addition that they take into account the availability of multiple people.

  • Read availability from all calendars
  • Custom availability
  • Configure buffer times, notice periods, etc
  • Booking approvals
  • Redirect after booking
  • Custom confirmation message
  • Allow the booker to choose the duration
  • Timezone Management

Improved Calendar View

Juggling Outlook and Google Calendars is time-consuming, unless you use our Calendar View which allows you to view multiple calendars in one place:

  • View events details
  • Join meetings from OneCal
  • UI improvements to show events by status

Calendar Sync Improvements

We're always making sure that the calendar sync we offer is as reliable as possible. During this period we've squashed almost all the edge cases, and introduced these features:

  • Sync OOO events in Google Calendar
  • Many bug fixes related to Outlook/Google incompatibilities
  • Bug fixes related to timezone edge cases
  • Reliability improvements

What's next?

We'll keep iterating on our existing features and making sure everything is working smoothly. As for our near-term plans, this is what we have on our roadmap:

  • Add more improvements to sync reliability
  • Add more features around booking links