How to View Multiple Calendars Simultaneously

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Calendars are great tools that allow us to track our schedule, stay organized, and have a sense of what needs to be done. They also make it easy for other people to know our availability and book time with us, avoiding meeting conflicts and confusion.

Along with their benefits, working with multiple calendars also means that you’ll have to juggle between them on a daily basis. This includes logging in to different providers such as Google Calendar or Outlook, and switching to multiple providers to see the schedule for each one.

There is a better way to manage multiple calendars, right?

In this article, we’ll explain the best way to view multiple calendars simultaneously, avoiding juggling and wasting time.

How to View Multiple Calendars Simultaneously

Meet OneCal, the Calendar Automation tool that makes your life easier. OneCal offers a feature called Calendar View, which allows you to view multiple Calendars simultaneously.

Using OneCal Calendar View, you can connect multiple Outlook and Google Calendars, and view them simultaneously, in an intuitive user interface.

OneCal Calendar View Screenshot

OneCal Calendar View Features

If you manage multiple calendars, you know the feeling of finding that conference URL 😅 You’ll have to process which calendar the meeting is on, type the calendar provider URL, possibly log in, and then find the meeting, and click the conference URL 🤯 That’s just too many steps.

With OneCal, you can connect all your calendars and view all of them simultaneously. Joining a meeting becomes as easy as two clicks.

OneCal Calendar View - Join meetings

Intuitive Calendar Experience

Calendars have come a long way, it’s crucial for your main Calendar interface to be intuitive and easy to use. You can easily toggle the calendar settings for more space, and navigate through days, weeks, or years. All of these, while being mobile-friendly.

OneCal Calendar View  Illustration

Hide meeting clones created by OneCal

OneCal is a Calendar Automation Tool that allows you to Sync Calendars. When syncing two calendars, meetings are copied from one calendar to another. If you view both calendars simultaneously, you’ll notice duplicated meetings. To avoid this, OneCal offers a setting to hide clones created by syncing calendars.

Which Calendar Providers Can I View Simultaneously?

OneCal supports Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar. This means that viewing Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar simultaneously is as easy as connecting them.

Let's explore the supported providers:

View Multiple Google Calendars Simultaneously

With Calendar View, you can view multiple Google Calendars simultaneously. You don’t have to switch Google Calendars to view your events or join meetings, all meetings are in a single view.

View Multiple Outlook Calendars Simultaneously

OneCal Calendar View also allows you to view multiple Outlook Calendars simultaneously. No need to juggle Outlook Calendars, just connect as many Outlook Calendars as you want, and view them simultaneously.

View Multiple Outlook and Google Calendars Simultaneously

Viewing Outlook and Google Calendar simultaneously is as easy as connecting them. Instead of logging in to Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar to view meetings in each provider, you can connect them in OneCal, and view them simultaneously.

View Multiple Calendars Simultaneously Using OneCal

Time is the only thing you can’t get back, so don’t waste it by juggling multiple calendars. Instead, use OneCal to combine multiple calendars and view them simultaneously.

You can sign up for a 14 days free trial, no credit card required, to enjoy the benefits of a Calendar Automation tool that saves time and makes calendaring easy.