OneCal Product Update - May 2024

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May has been a very productive month for OneCal, bringing in features like the Zoom integration and plenty of improvements and bug fixes. Let’s get started on what we shipped in May:

Zoom Integration


You can now integrate Zoom straight into OneCal without manually creating Zoom booking links for each meeting or booking link. OneCal will automatically create the Zoom conference URL on each booking and communicate that meeting with all participants.

Security improvements

We’re always working towards making OneCal as secure as possible, and May was no exception. In May, we ensured OneCal followed even more security standards, making the app bulletproof against malicious attacks.<your-username> as a shortcut to your booking page

We’ve purchased the domain, as a shortcut for your booking links. You don’t have to type the full address anymore; just type<your-username>, and it takes you to your booking page.

Here is mine:

We fixed an annoying bug that when editing a booking link description, it would always take the cursor at the end of the description.

Fix the bug where bookings happening right now disappear

We had a bug where the booking happening right now (at the moment you’re seeing the bookings page) disappeared. Now, bookings happening at the moment you’re seeing the Bookings page appear in the Past tab.

Fix custom time slots bug

Last month, we launched the time slots interval feature for booking links, allowing you to customize the intervals in which you want the time slots to appear. The bug made it so the UI displayed times that were unavailable. This was immediately fixed upon being reported by two of our users. (Shout out to Robert and Rachel for reporting this issue).

Add animation to the sidebar collapse

For a smoother experience, we’ve added an animation to the sidebar when it toggles.

What’s Next

  • Team Invites Reminders: Team members who haven't accepted your invite will be reminded via email to do so.
  • Apple/iCloud Calendar Support: It's been a month since we started working on integrating iCloud Calendar on OneCal, and we've been able to push through most things. We'll do our best to move as quickly as possible and have a working version by the end of June (for internal testing). We'll keep you updated on the progress of the integration.

📢 Join the Apple Calendar Waitlist!

You can join our waitlist to be among the first users to try the Apple Calendar Integration to OneCal.

If you have any questions or feedback you’d like to share, our support team is here for you. Simply reach out to us, and we'll be more than happy to assist.

We look forward to helping you take control of your schedule with OneCal.